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Leadership Matters

UPVFD is committed to choosing competent and qualified people to direct our department, its resources, and personnel.

From its inception, UPVFD was set up to be led by team members who bring various skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table both in everyday decision making as well as to the command structure for responses in all types of emergencies.

Our constitution and bylaws establish 2 governing groups over the members of the department: a Board of Directors and Command Officers. You can learn more about each of these groups by request, but general information is given below.

The Board of Directors is made of 9 members of the department who are elected by the membership. They are responsible for deciding budgetary issues, and establishing daily rules, regulations, and guidelines for the department. There are officers on the board who fulfill special tasks, including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board meets monthly to discuss items of importance for the department, and these meetings are open to the public.

Command Officers are those members of the department who have authority on the scene of a given emergency, including those members of the department present and available equipment. These titles operate by rank, with the highest authority residing with the Chief and Assistant Chief, followed by Captain and finally Lieutenant. Command Officer ranks are assigned by the Chief to those who display excellence in the department.

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