It costs a LOT of $$ to keep a fire department running! 

  • One set of firefighter turnout gear is over $3,000

  • Maintenance for 6 trucks and tankers is thousands of dollars a year- just to keep them on the road.

  • The utility bill to keep the lights on is around $1,000 a month.

  • Thousands of dollars are spent on training classes for firefighting, EMT, driver training, safety, etc. for each member. 

We rely on generous funding through grants, fees, etc from several agencies- but they don't cover our budget.

To meet the rest of our budget, we rely on your help. Supporting our monthly fish fry brings thousands of dollars into the station. Considering that these funds allow us to better serve the community- eating at the fish fry is a way to give back to... yourself!

We also have a yearly portrait drive. Support staff go door-to-door asking for help, and they should be carrying a letter from our officers as proof on Underwood-Petersville letterhead.

If you would like to donate directly to the work of the UPVFD, our facebook page

(linked to the image on the left) has a button that will send 100% of your donation here quickly and securely. Just hit the 'donate' button under the cover photo!


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