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It costs a LOT of $$ to keep a fire department running! 

  • One set of firefighter turnout gear is over $3,000

  • Maintenance for 6 trucks and tankers is thousands of dollars a year- just to keep them on the road.

  • The utility bill to keep the lights on is around $1,000 a month.

  • Thousands of dollars are spent on training classes for firefighting, EMT, driver training, safety, etc. for each member. 

We rely on generous funding through grants, fees, etc from several agencies- but they don't cover our budget.


To meet the rest of our budget, we rely on your help.  We have a yearly portrait drive where support staff go door-to-door asking for help, and they should be carrying a letter from our officers as proof of participation on Underwood-Petersville letterhead.

If you would like to donate directly to the work of the UPVFD, our facebook page

(linked to the image on the left) has a button that will send 100% of your donation here quickly and securely. Just hit the 'donate' button under the cover photo!

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